Camperhuur Britz USA: verzekeringen

Logo Britz USADe camperhuur is inclusief basis- en VIP-verzekering.

Eigen risico is $1000 per gebeurtenis.

Je kunt ter plekke een SLI-verzekering afsluiten, of in plaats daarvan de Eigen Risicoverzekering met WA afsluiten bij De Europeesche. Informeer bij Tioga Tours naar de mogelijkheden.

Onderstaande informatie is ons verstrekt door Britz USA

bijgewerkt op 24 mei 2018

The following text is for your reference only. The Rental Agreement is binding and has priority over all forms.
Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)
The optional SLI coverage provides the customer with an increased limit of liability protection. SLI protects the renter and any authorized driver listed on the rental agreement for up to US$ 1,000,000 toward 3rd party damage claims.

Public Liability Insurance (secondary coverage included in the daily rate)
The Public Liability Insurance covers a 3rd party collision in the event that the renter is at fault. The insurance has no deductible. The policy protects the rental company up to US$ 1,000,000 and the renter to Statutory Limits (state mandated minimum liability coverage which can be changed by a state anytime without notice – you find the current limits online). Liability Insurance has no deductible.

Premium VIP Coverage (included in the daily rate)
Premium VIP coverage includes secondary comprehensive and collision coverage for the rented vehicle with a deductible of US$ 1,000.00 per incident. Coverage includes but is not limited to: • “Uninsured Motorist” in case the renter is involved in an accident with a non-insured driver,
• Accidental damages to the vehicle (renter’s or 3rd party’s fault),
• Windshield, glass or tire damage,
• Vehicle theft and fire, and
• Vandalism.

Non-Covered Incidents (including but not limited to)
No liability, comprehensive or collision insurance coverage is provided and the customer has full legal and financial responsibility in case of: • Damages to the interior of the vehicle;
• Personal injury, personal items and property;
• Carrying more passengers than having seat belts available;
• Deliberate or willful damages caused by the renter or his guests;
• Damages caused to the vehicle by abuse or misuse for illegal activities;
• Damages where the customer is charged by the local authorities for being careless;
• Damages caused by freezing, e.g. unit not winterized, or overheating of vehicle or systems;
• Driving the vehicle without a rental agreement, in breach or violation of the rental agreement;
• Damages and accidents caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance;
• Damages and injuries caused by neglecting proper operating procedures, e.g. incorrect fuel type or quality, ignoring oil or coolant levels, air pressure, etc., by overloading the vehicle and/or exceeding the legal towing capacity (towing limit is with proper equipment 1,500 lbs. – enclosed trailers, boats or vehicles are not allowed); • Damages where the customer is showing gross negligence or willfulness in failing to abide by the local laws and rules or disregarding common sense resulting in damage to the vehicle or third-party vehicle or property;
• Operation of the vehicle by anyone not meeting the age requirements as shown on the rate sheet and rental terms & conditions, or not listed on the rental agreement or not having a valid, original driver license; and
• Damages and losses due to “off-road” usage, or caused during travel in or thru restricted areas, following incorrect GPS guidance, traveling into non-authorized areas including but not limited to the country of Mexico, the inner cities of New York, Montreal and Quebec (Canada) (see section 4.13 “Travel Restrictions”).

Please take note: In case of a claim, Britz USA will not act as an adjuster for any third-party insurances purchased by the renter (such as $ 0.00 deductible insurance, etc.)

Bovenstaande informatie is onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen. Tioga Tours BV aanvaardt geen enkele aansprakelijkheid voor de gevolgen van eventuele fouten in deze informatie.

Je kunt meer informatie lezen over de SLI en VIP op de website van Britz RV.

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