The Eagle has landed

Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - 06-08-2008 21:17 Hallo folks, well after a 'looong' flight and a longer discussion with the hotel on the first night we are here. Tuesday morning 8am picked up at the hotel and taken to the camper pick-up. One hour later we were on the road, both sides of it at times...These things are big!! and of course we had to get the biggest ???
First stop Walmarts to load up. $400 later we headed for the road.............but first lunch, it was nearly 3 hours since breakfast and we were running low !! Right ...again, belly full and on the road.
180 miles to Glenwood Canyon. Took about three hours but we were looking around. Some beautiful scenary in the mountains...Veil is lovely Fab golf course, could'nt afford that one I guess). Arrived at 5pm and got set-up without too much hassle. The two binmen hanging on the back guided me in to our plot. Electric, water and pooh,pooh line connected and thats that. After we looked around and ate again !! we headed to bed. Everyone still a bit tired, jet-lagged. Especially McDaid (top of creggen wans). Had a good sleep except for the train that passes every couple of hours and was about 12 miles long.
Up early today, Sheila not feeling too good so we give her a kicking. Ate breakfast then booked some horses and rafting for this afternoon and then ate lunch . Lying here now bloated, very warm but cloudy. Were trying to decide what to do for dinner . Well thats it for now.  Tomorrow we head for Moab national park (NP) about 180 mls again. Hope they have shops were nearly out of food.

God bless and take care,
Yer All !!
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