"On the Road again"

Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - A long time ago Just back from dinner !!
Well since we last spoke we have cannoned (they call it rafting) down a mad river (they call it the Colorado river) with our lives trusted to Dubliners @#$%$%^ All the rafting insrtuctors were Irish. Trained on the Liffy? It was great fun. The expresion on McD's bake going down will live with me forever....and its also on photograph
Wednesday morning back on the road again. Heading west..listening to C&W. Not bad really, one song had the title "I'm not the man I once was but I'm 'once' as good as I ever was" (think about it). What a laugh. Nearly ran out of petrol in the desert  but just made it. Arrived safe and well in Moab, Utah. Beautiful little town. Had dinner and went to sleep. Next morning picked up a 4x4 and headed to the "top of the world" peak. And they are not joking. It took us three 'hairy' hours to get there. That jeep goes places where I never thought helicopters could go. The last mile we had to give up and walk, top gear never done that. It nearly killed us...but what a spectacular view. Truely 'awesome'. New word I learnt.
Very tired last night we went to bed...yes without eating.
"On the road again" this morning heading we
st again towards Capital Reef NP. What beautiful scenary. This land is so vast its not understandable till you see it. Arrived 3pm in the 1000 lakes RV park. Veery nice little park. We're here now for three nights. Fridge is empty "again" so we eat out. Had dinner and lots of laughs in the red neck type (in the best possible way) Inn. Very good. Had real heavy thunder storms this afternoon, Awesome! Afterwards it was so fresh. Still no red spots  (private Moran joke)
Tomorrow we need to stock up and decide how to tackle Capital Reef NP. But that after breakfast of course!!

The Grissy's 
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