Earth calling Utah, come in Utah

Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - A long time ago Hi fans, well we have been off the air a bit. But we're back bigger and better
The last few campsites we had no WiFi or mobile reception, out back Utah, jez you have to get used to that sort of situ. especially Grace. Thought we might have to ge t paramedics in for Chatsite withdrawel but she improved.
We are now in the Grand Canyon, Arizona (9 hrs behind NL Ton !!) and GRAND it is indeed it is absolutely huge. We only heard that people had to be lifted out of the Canyon today on the Internet. We saw nothing but this plasce is HUGE!! Today we went down into the canyon, well we went down about 2500 ft, we are at 8300 ft camping. Even that far down we could not see the Colorado river at the bottom. Jez what a trip back up, I was squelling for air.
Well spurs lost first match and manure are still stealing our players, disgusting. But then manure lost 2 pts, helps. And I believe the Olympics or some thing are on. We have not seen one minute of it. I have not seen a golf course since leaving and am now starting to deteriorate,,,,,,help.
Tomorrow we start are return journey direction Denver, first stop Page. I think Grace will be glad to be heading a in a Easterly direction, she has been very good but is missing her friends. I had a small accident trying to 'tank' with the
rv last week, had to happen. Damn it.
Heard from Ton that Ronny Drew died Sat. "Thanks for the music Ronny. RIP"
Well thats it folks, my knees feel like they are on backwardsd after that hike today. Really glad we came to the North rim, its really quiet and beautiful. Orla I am looking out for the ski info.

Take care folks and 'keep watching'

Brady bunch
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