Dance with Wolves

Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - A long time ago Here we are again. We'll after our decent into the GC we were unable to get out of bed the next morning. Graces ass was sore, my chest ?? and Sheilas legs, what a bunchof gerries. Anyhow time was, unfortunately, up in GC. It was really beautiful. We had breakfast the last morning in the GC lodge, has a lot of history.
Then it was off to Page in Arizona. The best I can say about Page is that we only stayed one night. Their claim to fame is that they have the resorvoir that feeds Las Vagas and California, PHEW. Its also a hot little spot. Next Page ...get it?
This morning bright and early, and before page awoke we 'rode out of town'. 5 hours later we 'rolled into ' Cortez. Very American/Indian (probably should be the other way around). Nice little town AND its got a golf course and tomorrow I have a 1/2 day pass to play golf . Tonight we went to see native Indians dancing, very impressive and dignified to hear those people talking. See foto.
The big news is this; next week the Democratic national conference is in Denver. Now normally for me that would be up there with Ian Paisleys birthday!! But not next week, "because why"? We tried to get a hotel room in Denver before we fly home but its booked out.  EVERY room ,really. So at this moment we belong to Denvers homeless next tueaday night. Thanks Obhama.

Well folks "thats all for now, tune in next time" for more news and views.

Sitting Bull, Hiawatha and Little river.   
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