Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - 25-08-2008 03:59

Well after Cortez and our Injun friends we were motoring towards Black Canyon (BC) of Gunnison but not before we visited the caves of the Puebloans. Very impressive, see foto.
Then on to BC. The road from Cortez to Montrose was beautiful. This is the real Colorado skiing country, this is your spot Lulaw, foto. Eventually into BC. Shit were in the mountains.....alone. 8320 ft with no light, water or dump. first night we were sitting admiring the beautiful night star sky ( have never seen so many stars in one sky ??) when we heard Wolves. Well 3 into one door does not go but I was last in...
Next day we heard from the ranger that they were Cyotoes. Like that made us feel real good.  This real remote here. Would give a mountain goat a nose bleed. Anyway the walks and scenary are 'awesome' . After two nights of WOLVES and no internet/telephone we moved today to Gunnison. A very nice campsite but remember that film Cocoon (Brian Dennehy)? Well there ar e a lot of 'mature' guests here and they 'checked us out' when we arrived. Scary. But first we went thru the BC by boat fabulous.

By the way if I never see another episode of Friends it will be fine, Grace has watched every frame a zillion times now. Apparently I'm Ross?? Sheila is Monique and Grace claims she is Rachael. We think she is Phebby. So that leaves Orla with the other one...

Well we are all starting to think about has been a long time, or so it feels. My battery is pieping at me so signing off. If we dont get 'new energy' during the night after swimming in the pool, think about it, I'll be back tomorrow.

Take care folks

Joey, Moniqe , and FEEBBY. Shes out horse riding now.



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