Democratic Convention, Denver

Door Jim, Sheila & Grace - A long time ago "Barack, Barack...." Well here we are at last in Denver, Colorado. Again. In a (slezzy ) Motel. Beggers, or should I say homeless, cant be choosers. After we left BC we headed North and found a nice little campsite in Gunnison where we stayed two nights and 'chilled' before moving up to Denver today. Well were almost finished...but first we have to negotiate Tropical storm 'Fay' which is causing havoc in the south east, we fly back via Atlanta. Think everyone is now ready to see Schiphol again.
But first were heading out now for a B-B-Q before we go.
Well, hopefully, this is the last message folks.

Looking forward to Netherland on Thursday morning.

Take care folks,

Barack, Michelle & Malia.
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