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Door J.G. Dooms - A long time ago

Wow... I've been to New York City, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, I drove on route 66, ate hamburgers, met the most stereotype hickerydoodah Americans you can think off, had dinner with a typhical middle-class average republican American family, met some hippies in San Francisco and I've won 2 (toy) cars in Las Vegas. I've walked on the San Diego beaches and on the Hollywood walk of fame. I've been to Universal Studio's with some kind of V.I.P. pass, seen Shamu in Sea World, went to the biggest waterslide park in all of Utah, and I've been to Six Flags - Discovery Kingdom, which has a rollercoaster which has been voted as one of the most awesome in the USA. I ate mussels in San Francisco, pizza in New York, had dinner at Johnny Rockets, had lunch at a diner in/next to Death Valley which was so American that it could have been in a movie. I've walked through a cloudburst in New York, I've seen someone getting arrested in Los Angeles, I bought something like 8 new awesome t-shirts, bought a hippy-sign necklace from some native Americans, and some cool new sunglasses.

And these are only the rough lines, I'll give you the details when I get home ;)



oma Ju A long time ago

leuk hoor jullie reacties maar ik verheug me toch het allermeest op jullie verhalen. tot morgen!
Je kunt alleen reageren op dit bericht als je bent ingelogd.
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