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Door Fam. van Gruijthuijsen - A long time ago

So you can see we're doing very fine in your wonderfull country. We hope that you understand the things we've written a little bit. It's very nice when we see your reactions on this website. The driving with the RV is going very well. All the roads and parkingplaces are big enough to drive the RV. In the National parks it's sometimes a bit busy but on the campingsites is enough place to stay. Now we're in Las Vegas and after we've got breakfast we're leaving for Monolake and Yosemity Park. See you all in a few weeks. Houdoe. Carlo, Diana, Nicky and Dave.


Dianne A long time ago

Hoi Gruijtjes, leuk om jullie vakantie een beetje mee te mogen maken dmv het blog.
Heel veel plezier en een goede reis verder!

Lisa A long time ago

Thank you! We are glad things are going well. Remember, no tickets!
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