11-05-2012: Capitol Reef

Door Henk Thomassen - 12-05-2012 14:01

Today we did the gooseneck trail first. It gave a beautifull overlook of the Sulpher         Creek. From there on we went to Capitol Reef and visited Fruita Village. Hank (in dutch Henk) and Remon went up the hill to see the Cohab Canyon (last year I named it the Fruita Trail). This time we hiked deeper into the canyon. It was a magnificent trail. Sometimes it was like walking in Swiss cheese wonderland; a lot of holes in the rock. That's what gave this area the name Waterpocket Fold. At the end of the hike the weather was changing, thunderstorms were predicted. So before we went on, we went to the visitor center to get some advise. They said that thunderstorms were predicted. They gave us the advise to do a short hike and marked the Hickman bridge trail on the map for us. This is a 3.6 km hike. This also is a beautifull hike that takes you up to a natural bridge. We managed to complete the hike  before the rain started to come down. Satisfied we went back to the 1000 lake rv campground to enjoy a cold blue moon beer, first in our RV, but later on outside in the lovely sunshine. Tomorrow we continue our trip to Bryce Canyon, where the weather expectations are also very good. The saying in Utah is 'If you don't like the wheather in Utah, wait 10 minutes'.

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